Challenge #19 - Old Loves

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Challenge #19 - Old Loves Empty Challenge #19 - Old Loves

Post  Liz on Thu Jul 17, 2008 5:02 pm

Is there a product or tool that you used to use on almost every layout, but haven't used for a while? Well, dig it out, because I challenge you to rediscover an old love. Create a layout using your old love, and post in the gallery with "Challenge #19" in the title and post a link in this thread.

For me, it's definitely my labeller... it used to be my Dymo, but since getting the Around the Block labeller, it's back on my layouts in a big way! I love cutting strips of paper and doing my journaling with it...

Challenge #19 - Old Loves Just_lounging

Challenge #19 - Old Loves Birthday_girl

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